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Velociti is an Accelerator based in Zimbabwe working with seed stage start-ups in helping them attain escape velocity through a 6-month action packed program that culminates in a highly publicized demo day where selected start-ups present their next big thing to the world. We provide our startups with a mix of resources and infrastructure, access to advisors and mentors, financial investment and a badass community of accelerated founders!

What we are looking for

Velociti is about startups, that is, entities with some form of value directed towards a known or assumed set of users at a set price and designed to grow rapidly on a data driven trajectory. It’s about start-ups that are about to turn into businesses. If you fit this description, then apply to join the next shuttle! If you are playing around with ideas, feel free to get in touch with our partners at The TechVillage

Our Startups

We are currently filling up seats for our very first shuttle and are looking for ten startups to help defy gravity and scale into profitable businesses. If you think you fit this description, by all means, apply below.

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About us

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Velociti is an accelerator built primarily to accelerate Neolab startups but now accepts applications from external startups as well. Over the years, Neolab figured out the most efficient way to create startups by turning ideas into sustainable enterprises and working with passion driven entrepreneurs in building these startups. The Challenge however became apparent very quickly… It is one thing to build a startup, scaling it and getting it to sustainability, is something else.
Neolab builds startups in a very iterative, and data driven way that takes a varying amount of time. Furthermore, Neolab builds startups under sub-optimal conditions, with limited funding and stretched resources as a way of building frugality and efficiency into the startup. It is great for birthing early stage startups, it however sucks when it comes to growing and scaling them. This is where Velociti comes in. The accelerator takes in 10 startups every 6 months in cohorts more commonly referred to as “shuttles” and provides these “resource- stressed” startups with working space, financial and infrastructural resources, mentors and advisors, and a series of events that serve to accelerate the startups, culminating in a Demo Day.
Over the six months, everything moves very quickly- things are tried, changed, modifies and tried again on a daily basis until the startup finds a scalable business model and pursues it relentlessly. Such a process requires hands on advisors who walk the journey with the startup and are carefully matched based on expertise, industry and founder advisor chemistry. The founders also benefit from being a part of an entrepreneurial community and get “fly by” support from mentors and service providers. These are essentially “friends of velociti” who pledge support through pro bono services (lawyers, accountants etc.)

Investment Thesis

The ultimate goal of Velociti is to help guarantee the success of startups that solve different problems in different industries all leveraging on some form of technology. Technology in Afirca will not feed the hungry or cure AIDS, it however can be leveraged on by startups to greatly increase the impact that they have and significantly lower the cost at which such impact is achieved. To achieve this, we invest our time, resources and some financing to 10 startups every six months and work with the best and brightest in their industries to achieve maximum velocity! Download our Investment thesis below:


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Advisor Network

Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Investing in start-ups is very different from investing in established businesses. It takes a great deal of patience, passion and hands-on-hard-love to successfully invest in a startup and help it grow. This is why we decided to build our own advisor network. An advisor is a person who helps a startup navigate the early stages of growth with either a vested interest in the startup, or with the intention of making a financial commitment to the startup. Our advisors work with the startup over a period of time that will help the advisor understand the culture of the startup and the character of the founders in a bid to create a scalable relationship that transcends financial commitments. Its about more than the money.
To this effect, Velociti, through Neolab Technology, curates a community of advisors who receive training on how to deal with frugal entrepreneurs and how to forge the best possible relationships. This is done through a rigorous selection process involving founder dinners and “bring an entrepreneur to work” days. The advisor network will evolve into an angel network as the start-ups grow which will enable individual investors take on bigger opportunities through syndication. If you are interested in advising some of our start-ups, please sign up below. IF you are interested in just test driving us, then sign up as a mentor instead.

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